Lisa Anneberg
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Latest update: December 31, 2021

Dr. Anneberg's Fall 2021 schedule

Dr. Anneberg's Spring 2022 schedule

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Time permitting, I am available to discuss with LTU graduate students various questions, aspects, or issues relating to their research work.

One Hour VHDL Introduction, with Brown and Vranesic Book
Shanghai Quality Assurance Syllabus

LTU/ECE and Michigan Metro Girl Scouts: Brownies Computer Smarts, Brownies POINT, CLICK, AND GO , and Juniors Aerospace Patch
Student Meeting Handout

An innovative bicycle wall mount made from sustainable bamboo which allows people to store their bikes in an efficient and aesthetic way.

NEW!!LPKF prototyping machine handbook from student Patrick Springstubbe

Brand new ECE possible logo ideas
AT&T Summer Girls Camp Curriculum
Control Systems lab
New Blended Circuits and Electronics Course, By Len Moriconi and Lisa Anneberg, 2004
Advanced Digital Lab
Blackboard Discussion Board Rubric
Attitude discussion

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LTU - ECE Engineering Exploration Day, Make a Theremin!

New classes/information

  1. Alternative Energy Fundamentals
  2. Solar Energy techniques Lab

Assessment Day Presentation: "Making Results Happen using Assessment"

Note the new items: Proposed Speech Rubric, from Dr. Johnston
MCS electives for CompEng students include all 4xx3, 5xx3, and selected MCS3xx3 classes, including: Network Systems Admin, Java, Mathematical Modelling, Comparative Programming Languages, Advanced Engineering Math.
PLUS: You can take TWO 3XX3 MCS electives in your CompEng degree.



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